Culture is moving at an increasingly faster pace, as it is shaped, and shared with the aid of advanced technology, innovation and a new, digitally savvy consumer who uses information as social currency. The constantly evolving state of culture today means that trends and new cultural events saturate our media outlets beyond the traditional news cycle timeline.

For most brands, this frenetic pace of culture puts them at a disadvantage as new strategies are often already behind the next cultural moment before they can be put into play.

Touch of Whit Creative partners with brands, marketers and agencies to provide timely solutions through an array of methodologies with the goal of doing great work, and finding the right strategic nuggets to deliver consumer driven points of action that are culturally relevant and ensure future-proof solutions for your brand.

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About Whitney 

A Rich History of Experience



For more than 12 years, Whitney has worked along side some of the most coveted brands and companies across the world. Utilizing her vast knowledge of cultural analysis, semiotics and brand strategy, she works to highlight new & meaningful ways for clients to leverage the constantly shifting nature of culture.

Over the years, Whitney has worked & partnered with a number of clients across the CPG, telecommunications, B2B, retail, luxury, beauty, tech, & fashion categories.

Before becoming an independent strategist, Whitney co-lead the Cultural Insights practice at Kelton Global where she used her knowledge and expertise to aid in deepening the company’s brand strategy engagements. While there, she not only aided in expanding the company’s cultural insights offering but she also contributed to the growth of revenue and & sales for her department.

Whitney’s experience in brand strategy was honed and polished during her time at Kantar Added Value, where she began as a member of the qualitative field team and worked her way up while simultaneously earning a Masters degree in Media Culture and Communications at NYU. During her time at Kantar, she excelled as a strategist across two teams: Brand Strategy and Cultural Insights, and took on a third role as the Multicultural Practice Lead for North America.


Before leaving the company she created networking group called “Insights in Color” for minority professionals seeking to connect with others in the research community.

An Inevitable Journey


Starting Touch of Whit Creative was an inevitable life shift for Whitney. Often through out her career, she'd find herself in rooms defending her decision to work a traditional corporate job to others who saw something greater in her.


She put it off for as long as she could until 2018 when she suddenly became less enamored with her chosen career path for the first time. It wouldn't be until she had many more encounters with others and conversations with God that she would start her own business at the end of 2019. 

A native of Hampton, Virginia, Whitney credits most of the success in life to her military background which, by the nature of how much her family moved around, forced her to get used to being uncomfortable, and taught her to anticipate (and openly welcome change) on a consistent basis.


Because of this, Whitney has often fearlessly embarked on new adventures for the sake of the thrill of conquering seemingly impossible personal goals, including her impromptu move to New York over 8 years ago, and arguably sparked the fire for her newest career shift as an independent strategist.


When she’s not taking on new life-projects or redirecting her life, she can often be seen redecorating or changing her furniture around several times a year.

Touch of Whit In Action

Conferences. Podcasts. Thought Leadership. 

Semiotics 101

What exactly IS semiotics? Whitney Dunlap-Fowler joins us to walk us through what it is, how it's used, and where to learn more about it.

Happy Market Research Podcast [2021]- Ep. 407

Whitney Dunlap-Fowler, Founder of Insights in Color, on how to Navigate a Successful Career in Market Research

My guest today is Whitney Dunlap-Fowler, founder of Insights in Color. Insights in Color, a community for multicultural market research & insights professionals, was founded in 2020.

Prior to starting Insights in Color, Whitney has held senior roles at Kelton as the Director of Cultural Insights and Added Value as Senior Brand & Cultural Insight Strategist.

“Racial Bias in Retail Study” for Sephora [2019-2021]

In 2019, Touch of Whit Creative was approached to join a team of dynamic scholars, insights professionals and social justice brain trusts to assist Sephora in understanding and generating solutions for racial bias in retail. Learn more about the work and the journey here.

Tailoring Market Research to Brand Strategy with Whitney Dunlap-Fowler, Owner & Independent Brand Strategist at A Touch of Whit


👉 Take a step out of your comfort zone to amass knowledge

👉 “…The past is necessary to understand where you’re going, and it helps you kind of contextualize why something might exist”

👉 Take a moment to ask yourself what you like doing and why you enjoy doing it. The answers you come up with have the potential to change your life

👉 Be receptive to feedback. Always find ways in which you might be wrong, have limited vision, or have a scope not broad enough for what you’re trying to create. Seek other people’s perspectives on what you're working on

👉 Challenge yourself

Rock n' Roll Research Podcast [2021]- Episode #27: Whitney Dunlap-Fowler - Founder, Brand Strategist, Artist

Whitney Dunlap-Fowler is the brilliant and indefatigable founder of Touch of Whit Creative, providing expert brand strategy consulting rooted in cultural insight.

In this episode, Whitney traces her circuitous route to a career in insights. From a child artist in South Carolina, to Chicago to pursue a career in advertising, to joining Kantar Added Value at the ground floor in New York City, to becoming an entrepreneur.

She offers shrewd insight for anyone currently navigating their career. Whitney also shares her fascinating take on how knowing the future of your category or brand starts with understanding the past. Along the way, we discuss the organization she founded called Insights in Color and her love of TV jingles, moody music and Game of Thrones.