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About Whitney 





  • •Media Events And The Spectacle

  • •The Television Business

  • •Comm Theory

  • •Interpersonal Communications

  • •Theorizing Race And Slavery

  • •Blaxploitation

  • •The Burden Of Representation

RESEARCH TOPICS (professional & academic)

•Evolution of race and identity in America

•Exploring the effects of tokenism & underrepresented audiences in media on race & identity

•An exploration of power, hegemony & racial ideology

•Race and gender norms in the digital space

•The history of hair discrimination in the workplace

•The Depletion of kinship networks in the African American Community

•The suburban gap: a deep look into influences on the perceptions of AA Suburban youth regarding police officers




Future of Beauty LRW Event -  Hosted first ever panel discussion with industry experts to demonstrate the importance of understanding macro cultural shifts to develop fortified brand strategies that can last beyond trends.


2018 TMRE Conference - The Future of Segmentation- Highlighted the importance of looking beyond the data to ensure that clients account for the full cultural world of their consumers in order to better understand the “why” behind their data and to ensure future-proof strategic solutions.


1. PepsiCo African American Consumer Empathy Panel - Spoke on a panel to call attention to the need for brands and advertisers to see multicultural consumers as more than just a data-point, by continuously working to understand all aspects of their cultural experiences.

2. Kantar’s FragmentNation Event - Presented as a thought leader on the importance of Color Brave Brands & the need for marketers to always incorporate Cultural Intelligence into everything they do.

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