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Understanding GenZ Beauty

Beauty. Sustainability. Cultural Context.

An analysis on the sustainable beauty category to identify innovative solutions coming to market and determine how shifts in the marketplace are shaping GenZ's mindsets on the beauty category.

Positioning a Medical Aesthetics Brand

Pharma. Beauty. Luxury. Brand Strategy.

Assisting an agency with creating a culturally relevant global platform for a new entrant toxin and filler brand in a way that disrupts the marketplace and engages consumers in new and interesting ways.

Brand Positioning and Identity for a Luxury Salon Brand

Luxury. Beauty. Brand Strategy.

Developing the brand architecture framework for a successful, high-end salon brand in need of a centralizing north star. Included developing the brand positioning, values, key pillars, brand voice & archetype as well as honing in on target audience benefits and more

Sustainability Cultural Immersions

Beauty. Innovation. Semiotics.

Visiting emergent retail locations to evaluate and examine how brands are innovating in the space of sustainability as it pertains to personal care.

Tracking Cultural Shifts in Beauty

Beauty. Cultural Strategy.

An analysis of the larger cultural shifts impacting consumers perceptions, behaviors and purchase decisions on a daily basis coupled with an in-depth look into how these shifts will ultimately will impact the beauty space today and in the future.

Black Women's Hair Study

Beauty. Multicultural Strategy.

An in depth look at the enduring relationship Black women have with their natural hair and an exploration into how it informs their daily experiences, and their product purchase decisions in order to build empathy and create new solutions for their hair-care shopping needs.

Going Beyond Hair Texture

Beauty. Multicultural Strategy.

An in-depth analysis of consumers with natural & curly textured hair to expand beyond antiquated product solutions primarily tied to curl-type in order to focus on larger factors that feed into consumers’ identities and their overall relationships with their hair through the development of rich, complex consumer profiles.

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