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Culture is moving at an increasingly faster pace, as it is shaped, and shared with the aid of advanced technology, innovation and a new, digitally savvy consumer who uses information as social currency. The constantly evolving state of culture today means that trends and new cultural events saturate our media outlets beyond the traditional news cycle timeline.

For most brands, this frenetic pace of culture puts them at a disadvantage as new strategies are often already behind the next cultural moment before they can be put into play.

Touch of Whit Creative partners with brands, marketers and agencies to provide timely solutions through an array of methodologies with the goal of doing great work, and finding the right strategic nuggets to deliver consumer driven points of action that are culturally relevant and ensure future-proof solutions for your brand.

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Why Cultural Strategy?

Touch of Whit In Action

Conferences. Podcasts. Thought Leadership. 

Making Sense with Whitney Dunlap-Fowler

What makes a semiotician tick? SEMIOVOX’s Josh Glenn has invited his fellow practitioners in the field of commercial semiotics, from around the world, to answer a few revealing questions.

Semiotics 101

What exactly IS semiotics? Whitney Dunlap-Fowler joins us to walk us through what it is, how it's used, and where to learn more about it.

Happy Market Research Podcast [2021]- Ep. 407

Whitney Dunlap-Fowler, Founder of Insights in Color, on how to Navigate a Successful Career in Market Research

My guest today is Whitney Dunlap-Fowler, founder of Insights in Color. Insights in Color, a community for multicultural market research & insights professionals, was founded in 2020.

Prior to starting Insights in Color, Whitney has held senior roles at Kelton as the Director of Cultural Insights and Added Value as Senior Brand & Cultural Insight Strategist.

Critical Media Theory in Practice

A conversation with NYU MCC Alums on making Critical Theory work in the real world

Tailoring Market Research to Brand Strategy with Whitney Dunlap-Fowler, Owner & Independent Brand Strategist at A Touch of Whit


👉 Take a step out of your comfort zone to amass knowledge

👉 “…The past is necessary to understand where you’re going, and it helps you kind of contextualize why something might exist”

👉 Take a moment to ask yourself what you like doing and why you enjoy doing it. The answers you come up with have the potential to change your life

👉 Be receptive to feedback. Always find ways in which you might be wrong, have limited vision, or have a scope not broad enough for what you’re trying to create. Seek other people’s perspectives on what you're working on

👉 Challenge yourself

Touch Of Whit in Action
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