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We work across three strategic verticals with cultural insights
at the heart of everything we do. 


Using research techniques grounded in culture and foresight to guarantee future-proof strategic outputs.

Highlighting trends & cultural forces impacting consumer marketplaces to inform go to market strategies & innovation pipelines through:

•Brand Messaging Semiotic Decoders

•Industry & Category Semiotic Decoders

•Competitive Landscape Analysis

Cultural Context Analysis

•Future Trends Scoping

•Emergent Trends & Innovation Pipeline Planning

Cultural Landscape Analysis & Trend Scoping


Inspiring clients to make confident, informed decisions about their business and marketing strategies.

Working to ignite new ways for brands to think outside the box while remaining aligned with the changing brand marketplace through:

•Brand Positioning Development,  Enhancement & Futurization

•Brand Identity & Brand Equity Analysis

•Competitive Analysis/ SWOT Analysis

•Character Archetype Development

•Consumer Typology Development

•Messaging/product innovation development

Multicultural Strategy

With an in-depth breadth of knowledge on identity and ethnicity,  we help clients  authentically connect with the needs of multicultural consumers.

Providing guidance to brands seeking to resonate with key targets while ensuring their ability to stand out in the marketplace through:

•Multicultural Strategy Consulting

•Empathy Building

•Human Storytelling

•(Multi)+Cultural Context Setting

•Diversity & inclusion strategies

•Multicultural & employer branding research


Touch of Whit Creative works with a wide variety of categories.
Here are a few we've worked on a bit more than others.

Don't see a category you're looking for? Send us a note.

Working with Touch of Whit

We partner with brands and agencies in various capacities. 


Hire Touch of Whit for our full service capabilities

Hire Touch of Whit to lead your organization's brand strategy needs, either independently or within your team.

From brand architecture frameworks and positioning projects to managing multiphase research projects from RFP to completion, Touch of Whit is the strategic resource you need.  


Consider utilizing Touch of Whit to contribute to your research needs. 

Seeking inputs to ensure your project is successful? Touch of Whit has the ability to enhance your research outputs by contributing our expertise in semiotics, cultural context analysis and/or cultural strategy and more. 

Hire us to ensure your project makes the impact you desire. 


For smaller engagements, consider Touch of Whit as a consulting partner. 

Have everything you need for your project but just desire another set of eyes? 

Touch of Whit Creative has worked alongside numerous clients and agencies as a consultative lens on projects that require the additional lens of a cultural expert or multicultural oversite. 

See our case studies for more details.

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