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Fashion & Retail




Understanding Drivers of Black Style

Fashion & Retail. Multicultural Strategy. Semiotics.

Identifying, contextualizing and examining the conscious and unconscious drivers informing how Black style has evolved within fashion, beauty, grooming and home décor through multi-layered cultural context, qualitative & cultural strategy methodologies.

Disrupting the Jewelry Category

Fashion & Retail. Brand Strategy. Semiotics.

An in-depth, mixed method investigation of the jewelry category in order to understand what it means to consumers, why it resonates and what brands need to do in the space to catch their attention in order to develop & finalize a North American positioning strategy and 360 degree marketing & activation plan.

Refreshing an Outdated Retail Strategy

Fashion & Retail. Brand Strategy. Semiotics.

Utilizing consumer research & cultural insights to explore new ways to think about direct to consumer retail strategies to ensure relevancy and appeal for a brand seeking to get back in touch with the modern woman of today.

Decoding Self Expression

Fashion & Retail. Brand Strategy. Semiotics.

An immersive investigation into how meanings of self-expression have evolved overtime in order to better understand how it comes to life in culture and throughout the jewelry and retail categories.

An Online Retail Strategy

Fashion & Retail. Brand Strategy.

Connecting with consumers through a series of qualitative and quantitative methods to fully understand who the modern woman of today is, and ultimately what drives her clothing and shopping needs.

Decoding Luxury in North America

Fashion & Retail. Luxury. Cultural Strategy. Brand Strategy. Semiotics.

An in depth review on how meanings of luxury emerged and shifted over time in the U.S. and Canada in order to serve as foundational learning partnered with a semiotic exploration to identify white space opportunities for emergent brand positioning strategies.

Exploring Racial Bias in Retail

Fashion & Retail. Multicultural Strategy.

A cultural context analysis on race in America for a national beauty retailer seeking to better understand the impact of racism, discrimination and unconscious bias in order to pioneer permanent organizational initiatives and category shifts to prevent harmful treatment of employees and guests in retail settings.

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