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Research Methodologies. 

Cultural Strategy.

Culture exists at the heart of all good, future-proof brand strategies. This is why we focus on highlighting the broad cultural forces impacting consumers’ perceptions, behaviors and purchase decisions while uncovering fresh new white space opportunities to inspire client activations & innovation strategies.

Key product offerings:

  • Brand Messaging Semiotic Decoders

  • Industry & Category Semiotic Decoders

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis

  • Cultural Context Setting

  • Future Trends Scoping

  • Emergent Trends & Innovation Pipeline Planning

Contextualizing American Food Cultures

Food & Bev. Cultural Context.

A deep dive into the world of food in the US to identify rare, exciting and emergent trends in food, beverages, snacking, and restaurant culture.

Decoding Sleep

Semiotics. Cultural Context. Pharma.

A deep look into the world of sleep to identify the key cultural shifts shaping how consumers think about sleep and the emergent innovations leading the space into the future.

The Evolution of the Creator Economy

Media. Cultural Context. Thought Leadership.

A cultural context analysis of the evolution of the creator economy to 1) understand the state of creativity today, 2) identify innovation opportunities and 3) provide thought leadership pillars to activate against for a well-known creator brand to utilize and solidify its place as the leader of the category.

Decoding Cultures Of Money

Financial Services. Cultural Strategy. Semiotics.

An analysis of the evolution of the cultural conversation around money and the impact those shifts have on the decision making habits of consumers today and tomorrow.

Exploring Coffee Rituals in North America

Food & Beverage. Cultural Strategy. Semiotics.

Examining the evolution of coffee rituals to inspire new, innovative in-home coffee offerings to a new generation of coffee consumers.

Sustainability Cultural Immersions

Beauty. Innovation. Semiotics.

Visiting emergent retail locations to evaluate and examine how brands are innovating in the space of sustainability as it pertains to personal care.

Emergent Solutions for Segmentations

Cultural Strategy. Semiotics. Segmentations.

Utilizing cultural insights to identify fresh, new & emergent ways to connect with the needs of key audiences identified through a segmentation strategy approach.

Telecommunications B2B Branding

Telecommunications. Tech. Semiotics.

A semiotic & competitive analysis of the telecommunications landscape to identify how B2B brands were communicating to consumers, the key archetypes they employed, and areas of opportunity for the client to consider moving forward.

Disrupting the Jewelry Category

Fashion & Retail. Brand Strategy. Semiotics.

An in-depth, mixed method investigation of the jewelry category in order to understand what it means to consumers, why it resonates and what brands need to do in the space to catch their attention in order to develop & finalize a North American positioning strategy and 360 degree marketing & activation plan.

Innovations in Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage. Cultural Strategy. Innovation. Semiotics.

An analysis of specific brand pillars to understand how they show up in the food & beverage space and to identify emergent new trends, products and opportunities arising within each pillar to feed innovation pipelines.

Decoding Luxury in Western Europe

Luxury. Cultural Strategy.

A deeply rich analysis on the history of luxury in Western Europe and how it came to be, with an emphasis on how it is specifically different from American luxury and what that means for luxury brands desiring to activate in new and interesting ways in Europe.

Repositioning an Iconic Food Brand

Food & Beverage. Brand Strategy. Multicultural Strategy. Semiotics.

Combining a mix of consumer insights, cultural insights, multicultural insights & brand strategy over the course two years to determine and finalize the internal positioning & brand promise for a national food brand.

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