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Understanding Gen Alpha

Cultural Context. Innovation. Food & Beverage.

Exploring how macro shifts are shaping the current and future worlds of Gen Alpha to inspire innovation for a national beverage brand.

The Evolution of the Creator Economy

Media. Cultural Context. Thought Leadership.

A cultural context analysis of the evolution of the creator economy to 1) understand the state of creativity today, 2) identify innovation opportunities and 3) provide thought leadership pillars to activate against for a well-known creator brand to utilize and solidify its place as the leader of the category.

Sustainability Cultural Immersions

Beauty. Innovation. Semiotics.

Visiting emergent retail locations to evaluate and examine how brands are innovating in the space of sustainability as it pertains to personal care.

Futurized Brand Positionings

Brand Strategy. Innovation.

Decoding a brand positioning idea in order to uncover how meanings of it have shifted overtime while identifying emergent new white space opportunities to inspire brand activation ideas that are in line with culture today and in the future.

Innovations in Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage. Cultural Strategy. Innovation. Semiotics.

An analysis of specific brand pillars to understand how they show up in the food & beverage space and to identify emergent new trends, products and opportunities arising within each pillar to feed innovation pipelines.

Repositioning an Iconic Food Brand

Food & Beverage. Brand Strategy. Multicultural Strategy. Semiotics.

Combining a mix of consumer insights, cultural insights, multicultural insights & brand strategy over the course two years to determine and finalize the internal positioning & brand promise for a national food brand.

Optimizing Internal Pillars For Innovations in Food & Bev

Food & Beverage. Cultural Strategy. Innovation. Semiotics.

Decoding client’s internal pillars & segmentation frameworks to evaluate how meanings associated with those pillars have changed overtime and to identify how those meanings may or may not be showing up in their respective categories.

Innovations in Comfort

Automotive. Cultural Strategy. Innovation. Semiotics.

Decoding the world of comfort, what it means today, and how it might be different from the past as well as the identification of any emerging trends for brands to leverage for their innovation pipelines.

The Modern Home of the Future

Home. Cultural Strategy. Innovation. Semiotics.

A deep dive into the world of “home” to identify how meanings of home have changed, why, and to identify key emergent trends responsible for leading the transformation of the home.

The Future of Automotive Luxury

Automotive. Cultural Strategy.

An emergent opportunity analysis of the tech and innovation space to develop thought leadership and innovation for a leading automotive brand.

Futurizing the Ready to Eat Category

Food & Beverage. Brand Strategy. Innovation.

Decoding the Ready to Eat category in order to map the brand messaging landscape & identify where the saturation in the category exists today in order to understand the future of packaging and messaging in the space.

Decoding Trucks

Automotive. Cultural Strategy. Semiotics.

An in-depth analysis of the evolution of the truck category to understand how meanings of trucks have changed over time, while deciphering how visual and verbal signals have shown up in order to identify key meanings and associations with the category and highlight new ways to connect and resonate with target audiences today and in the years to come.

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