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Touch of Whit Creative, Whitney Dunlap-Fowler, Semiotics, Market Research, Brand Strategy, Multicultural Strategy, Cultural Strategy, Insights, Diversity

Research Methodologies. 

Multi- cultural Strategy

Understanding multicultural consumers, authentically connecting to their truths and ensuring broad appeal can be a tricky to navigate. We provide guidance to brands wanting to effectively resonate with key targets while ensuring their ability to stand out in the marketplace.

Key product offerings:

  • Multicultural Strategy Consulting

  • Empathy Building

  • Human Storytelling

  • (Multi)+Cultural Context Setting

  • Diversity & Inclusion Strategy & Consulting

  • Employer Branding Research

Investigating & Substantiating a Total Market Strategy

Thought Leadership. Multicultural.

A thought leadership study on the impact of ethnicity in advertising

Winning Black Fans in Sports Content & Marketing

Media. Sports. Multicultural.

An investigation into the lives and experiences of Black sports fans to determine pillars of engagement, connection and resonance beyond today

An Immersive Language Study

Cultural Context. Thought Leadership. Media.

A cultural context analysis on how language has evolved overtime, how and why, and what it may mean for the future of language for a national media company.

Decoding Ethnicity in Finance

Semiotics. Multicultural Strategy. Finance.

A semiotic decoder analyzing how ethnicity is portrayed in finance in order to identify untapped white space opportunities to explore.

New Opportunities for Diversity in Portrayals & Storylines In Streaming

Media. Semiotics. Multicultural Strategy.

Decoding Black storytelling across streaming platforms to identify saturation within the media landscape and to determine where new opportunities for emergent Black storylines and Black character portrayals to emerge in order to reflect a wider breadth of the lived experiences of Black consumers.

Recentering An Entertainment & Experience Brand

Events & Experiences. Brand Architecture & Positioning.

Working with a well known event brand to develop a central brand positioning and architecture framework while helping them understand & connect with their community and innovate new culturally relevant experience solutions to provide down the line.

Understanding Drivers of Black Style

Fashion & Retail. Multicultural Strategy. Semiotics.

Identifying, contextualizing and examining the conscious and unconscious drivers informing how Black style has evolved within fashion, beauty, grooming and home décor through multi-layered cultural context, qualitative & cultural strategy methodologies.

Repositioning an Iconic Food Brand

Food & Beverage. Brand Strategy. Multicultural Strategy. Semiotics.

Combining a mix of consumer insights, cultural insights, multicultural insights & brand strategy over the course two years to determine and finalize the internal positioning & brand promise for a national food brand.

Decoding Ethnicity in Advertising

Media. Multicultural Strategy. Semiotics.

An analysis of the media landscape in order to uncover how ethnicity is portrayed in advertising in order to better understand how different ads may or may not appeal to diverse audiences.

Black Women in the Workplace Study

Media. Multicultural Strategy.

A series of conversations with Black women from various levels in their careers with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of their perceived biases and experiences in the workplace and how this informs their day to day engagements with the hope of identifying new opportunities to make the experience more enjoyable.

Black Women in Media Study

Media. Multicultural Strategy.

An in-depth series of conversations on the topic of real-life vs. media portrayals of Black women with men and women from varied backgrounds in order to understand how Black women are often portrayed in media vs. how they actually wish to be seen in the media landscape.

A Modernized Experience Audit

Retail. Multicultural Strategy.

The development of a continuous, comprehensive experience audit for a client seeking to better understand how their guests from various backgrounds consciously and unconsciously perceive how welcomed or excluded they may feel when entering the client’s retail & service locations.

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