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Decoding Ethnicity in Advertising

Media. Multicultural Strategy. Semiotics.

An analysis of the media landscape in order to uncover how ethnicity is portrayed in advertising in order to better understand how different ads may or may not appeal to diverse audiences.

Black Women in the Workplace Study

Media. Multicultural Strategy.

A series of conversations with Black women from various levels in their careers with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of their perceived biases and experiences in the workplace and how this informs their day to day engagements with the hope of identifying new opportunities to make the experience more enjoyable.

Black Women in Media Study

Media. Multicultural Strategy.

An in-depth series of conversations on the topic of real-life vs. media portrayals of Black women with men and women from varied backgrounds in order to understand how Black women are often portrayed in media vs. how they actually wish to be seen in the media landscape.

Contextualizing Black Love

Media. Cultural Strategy. Multicultural Strategy.

Outlining the history of portrayals of Black love, attraction and appeal in media and its impact on the lives of Black women today in order to highlight the key tropes and portrayals that are highly desired in media today but rarely seen.

Decoding Masculinity

Media. Cultural Strategy. Semiotics.

Investigating the media landscape of commercials in order to better understand which portrayals of men in advertising were dominating the media landscape and how that may have contradicted with the portrayals real men actually wished to see more of.