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Positioning a Medical Aesthetics Brand

Pharma. Beauty. Luxury. Brand Strategy.

Assisting an agency with creating a culturally relevant global platform for a new entrant toxin and filler brand in a way that disrupts the marketplace and engages consumers in new and interesting ways.

Brand Positioning and Identity for a Luxury Salon Brand

Luxury. Beauty. Brand Strategy.

Developing the brand architecture framework for a successful, high-end salon brand in need of a centralizing north star. Included developing the brand positioning, values, key pillars, brand voice & archetype as well as honing in on target audience benefits and more

Decoding Luxury in Western Europe

Luxury. Cultural Strategy.

A deeply rich analysis on the history of luxury in Western Europe and how it came to be, with an emphasis on how it is specifically different from American luxury and what that means for luxury brands desiring to activate in new and interesting ways in Europe.

Decoding Self Expression

Fashion & Retail. Brand Strategy. Semiotics.

An immersive investigation into how meanings of self-expression have evolved overtime in order to better understand how it comes to life in culture and throughout the jewelry and retail categories.

The Future of Automotive Luxury

Automotive. Cultural Strategy.

An emergent opportunity analysis of the tech and innovation space to develop thought leadership and innovation for a leading automotive brand.

Decoding Luxury in North America

Fashion & Retail. Luxury. Cultural Strategy. Brand Strategy. Semiotics.

An in depth review on how meanings of luxury emerged and shifted over time in the U.S. and Canada in order to serve as foundational learning partnered with a semiotic exploration to identify white space opportunities for emergent brand positioning strategies.

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