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Category Expertise.

Building Brand Foundations

Brand Positioning. 

Brand Archetype.

Brand Architecture.

Recentering An Entertainment & Experience Brand

Events & Experiences. Brand Architecture & Positioning.

Working with a well known event brand to develop a central brand positioning and architecture framework while helping them understand & connect with their community and innovate new culturally relevant experience solutions to provide down the line.

Brand Positioning and Identity for a Luxury Salon Brand

Luxury. Beauty. Brand Strategy.

Developing the brand architecture framework for a successful, high-end salon brand in need of a centralizing north star. Included developing the brand positioning, values, key pillars, brand voice & archetype as well as honing in on target audience benefits and more

Futurized Brand Positionings

Brand Strategy. Innovation.

Decoding a brand positioning idea in order to uncover how meanings of it have shifted overtime while identifying emergent new white space opportunities to inspire brand activation ideas that are in line with culture today and in the future.

Disrupting the Jewelry Category

Fashion & Retail. Brand Strategy. Semiotics.

An in-depth, mixed method investigation of the jewelry category in order to understand what it means to consumers, why it resonates and what brands need to do in the space to catch their attention in order to develop & finalize a North American positioning strategy and 360 degree marketing & activation plan.

Repositioning an Iconic Food Brand

Food & Beverage. Brand Strategy. Multicultural Strategy. Semiotics.

Combining a mix of consumer insights, cultural insights, multicultural insights & brand strategy over the course two years to determine and finalize the internal positioning & brand promise for a national food brand.

Global Positioning for Pain Relief

Pharma. Cultural Strategy.

A deep dive into the cultural significance of a central brand positioning idea and the key historical and signified meanings over time may impact how that message is communicated differently across Mexico, Brazil, Italy and the US.

Brand Archetype Development

Telecommunications. Cultural Strategy.

An in-depth analysis and exploration of the key archetypes ruling the telecommunications category in order to identify new archetype opportunities for a brand seeking to develop a more consistent but memorable brand voice & tone in the marketplace.

Telecomms Brand Archetyping

Telecommunications. Brand Strategy.

Developing a singular brand voice & tonality for a national wireless brand seeking solutions to become more top of mind for consumers in a rapidly growing and competitive marketplace.

Decoding Self Expression

Fashion & Retail. Brand Strategy. Semiotics.

An immersive investigation into how meanings of self-expression have evolved overtime in order to better understand how it comes to life in culture and throughout the jewelry and retail categories.

Enhancing Global Positionings

Pharma. Brand Strategy. Semiotics.

Investigating nuances in how a brand positioning idea like “living life fully” or “thriving” is received & interpreted by various segments in order to understand how the idea is the same, different, or specifically more resonant to different audiences on a global scale.

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