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Pills on Spoons

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Decoding Sleep

Semiotics. Cultural Context. Pharma.

A deep look into the world of sleep to identify the key cultural shifts shaping how consumers think about sleep and the emergent innovations leading the space into the future.

Positioning a Medical Aesthetics Brand

Pharma. Beauty. Luxury. Brand Strategy.

Assisting an agency with creating a culturally relevant global platform for a new entrant toxin and filler brand in a way that disrupts the marketplace and engages consumers in new and interesting ways.

A Competitive Analysis on Pain Relief

Pharma. Brand Strategy. Semiotics.

Identifying brand messaging saturation points and areas to explore in a competitive analysis study that focused on pain reliever speed and efficacy.

Global Positioning for Pain Relief

Pharma. Cultural Strategy.

A deep dive into the cultural significance of a central brand positioning idea and the key historical and signified meanings over time may impact how that message is communicated differently across Mexico, Brazil, Italy and the US.

Enhancing Global Positionings

Pharma. Brand Strategy. Semiotics.

Investigating nuances in how a brand positioning idea like “living life fully” or “thriving” is received & interpreted by various segments in order to understand how the idea is the same, different, or specifically more resonant to different audiences on a global scale.

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