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Category Expertise.

Cultural Context Analysis

Studying the Past. 

Mapping Evolutions.

Informing our Future. 

An Immersive Language Study

Cultural Context. Thought Leadership. Media.

A cultural context analysis on how language has evolved overtime, how and why, and what it may mean for the future of language for a national media company.

Understanding Gen Alpha

Cultural Context. Innovation. Food & Beverage.

Exploring how macro shifts are shaping the current and future worlds of Gen Alpha to inspire innovation for a national beverage brand.

Understanding GenZ Beauty

Beauty. Sustainability. Cultural Context.

An analysis on the sustainable beauty category to identify innovative solutions coming to market and determine how shifts in the marketplace are shaping GenZ's mindsets on the beauty category.

Contextualizing American Food Cultures

Food & Bev. Cultural Context.

A deep dive into the world of food in the US to identify rare, exciting and emergent trends in food, beverages, snacking, and restaurant culture.

Decoding Sleep

Semiotics. Cultural Context. Pharma.

A deep look into the world of sleep to identify the key cultural shifts shaping how consumers think about sleep and the emergent innovations leading the space into the future.

The Evolution of the Creator Economy

Media. Cultural Context. Thought Leadership.

A cultural context analysis of the evolution of the creator economy to 1) understand the state of creativity today, 2) identify innovation opportunities and 3) provide thought leadership pillars to activate against for a well-known creator brand to utilize and solidify its place as the leader of the category.

Decoding Cultures Of Money

Financial Services. Cultural Strategy. Semiotics.

An analysis of the evolution of the cultural conversation around money and the impact those shifts have on the decision making habits of consumers today and tomorrow.

Understanding Drivers of Black Style

Fashion & Retail. Multicultural Strategy. Semiotics.

Identifying, contextualizing and examining the conscious and unconscious drivers informing how Black style has evolved within fashion, beauty, grooming and home décor through multi-layered cultural context, qualitative & cultural strategy methodologies.

Decoding Luxury in Western Europe

Luxury. Cultural Strategy.

A deeply rich analysis on the history of luxury in Western Europe and how it came to be, with an emphasis on how it is specifically different from American luxury and what that means for luxury brands desiring to activate in new and interesting ways in Europe.

Global Positioning for Pain Relief

Pharma. Cultural Strategy.

A deep dive into the cultural significance of a central brand positioning idea and the key historical and signified meanings over time may impact how that message is communicated differently across Mexico, Brazil, Italy and the US.

Tracking Cultural Shifts in Beauty

Beauty. Cultural Strategy.

An analysis of the larger cultural shifts impacting consumers perceptions, behaviors and purchase decisions on a daily basis coupled with an in-depth look into how these shifts will ultimately will impact the beauty space today and in the future.

Black Women's Hair Study

Beauty. Multicultural Strategy.

An in depth look at the enduring relationship Black women have with their natural hair and an exploration into how it informs their daily experiences, and their product purchase decisions in order to build empathy and create new solutions for their hair-care shopping needs.

Exploring The Effect of Underrepresented Audiences in Media

Media. Tech. Multicultural Strategy.

Tracing the historical practices of stereotyped, underrepresented and tokenized representation of multicultural audiences and the long lasting harmful effects of doing so in order to provide marketing guidelines and guardrails for how to execute multicultural strategies successfully.

Decoding The Future of Black Culture

Multicultural Insights.

A semiotic and cultural context analysis on the evolution of Blackness and Black identity to identify how it will emerge in the future and to illustrate the best ways to connect with the Black Millennials and emerging generations.

Contextualizing Black Love

Media. Cultural Strategy. Multicultural Strategy.

Outlining the history of portrayals of Black love, attraction and appeal in media and its impact on the perceptions of Black consumers and relationships to serve as a thought leadership piece for a well-known television brand.

The Evolution of Identity in America

Tech. Multicultural Strategy. Semiotics.

A contextual analysis of the history of identity formation in the United States in order to understand how it was intentionally shaped, why, and how it’s evolved overtime in order to understand future implications and identify new opportunities to connect with the consumer of tomorrow.

Decoding Luxury in North America

Fashion & Retail. Luxury. Cultural Strategy. Brand Strategy. Semiotics.

An in depth review on how meanings of luxury emerged and shifted over time in the U.S. and Canada in order to serve as foundational learning partnered with a semiotic exploration to identify white space opportunities for emergent brand positioning strategies.

Decoding Hip Hop

Food & Beverage. Cultural Strategy. Multicultural Strategy. Semiotics.

An analysis on the evolution of hip hop by understanding how it has been expressed in culture throughout history to identify fresh, new messaging opportunities for a brand to connect more authentically to their audience.

Decoding Trucks

Automotive. Cultural Strategy. Semiotics.

An in-depth analysis of the evolution of the truck category to understand how meanings of trucks have changed over time, while deciphering how visual and verbal signals have shown up in order to identify key meanings and associations with the category and highlight new ways to connect and resonate with target audiences today and in the years to come.

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