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Employer Branding.

Telecommunications B2B Branding

Telecommunications. Tech. Semiotics.

A semiotic & competitive analysis of the telecommunications landscape to identify how B2B brands were communicating to consumers, the key archetypes they employed, and areas of opportunity for the client to consider moving forward.

Exploring The Effect of Underrepresented Audiences in Media

Media. Tech. Multicultural Strategy.

Tracing the historical practices of stereotyped, underrepresented and tokenized representation of multicultural audiences and the long lasting harmful effects of doing so in order to provide marketing guidelines and guardrails for how to execute multicultural strategies successfully.

Telecomms Brand Archetyping

Telecommunications. Brand Strategy.

Developing a singular brand voice & tonality for a national wireless brand seeking solutions to become more top of mind for consumers in a rapidly growing and competitive marketplace.

Decoding The Future of Black Culture

Multicultural Insights.

A semiotic and cultural context analysis on the evolution of Blackness and Black identity to identify how it will emerge in the future and to illustrate the best ways to connect with the Black Millennials and emerging generations.

Employer Diversity Study

Multicultural Strategy.

Connecting with qualified aspirational employees of color to understand perceptions around working within and applying to jobs within STEM fields with the goal of creating employer empathy while identifying and eradicating any potential barriers to entry/ unconscious bias.

The Future of Automotive Luxury

Automotive. Cultural Strategy.

An emergent opportunity analysis of the tech and innovation space to develop thought leadership and innovation for a leading automotive brand.

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