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Various Categories.

Sustainability Cultural Immersions

Beauty. Innovation. Semiotics.

Visiting emergent retail locations to evaluate and examine how brands are innovating in the space of sustainability as it pertains to personal care.

Global Positioning for Pain Relief

Pharma. Cultural Strategy.

Using cultural insights to understand how & why the meaning of a central positioning idea may show up differently across Mexico, Brazil, Italy and the US in order to ensure cultural relevancy once actioned against.

Futurizing the Ready to Eat Category

Food & Beverage. Brand Strategy. Innovation.

Decoding the Ready to Eat category in order to map the brand messaging landscape & identify where the saturation in the category exists today in order to understand the future of packaging and messaging in the space.

Decoding Hip Hop

Food & Beverage. Cultural Strategy. Multicultural Strategy. Semiotics.

An analysis of how hip hop has been expressed in culture overtime in order to identify fresh, new messaging opportunities to stand out & resonate more authentically to key audiences.

Innovating Drinking Occasions

Food & Beverage. Semiotics.

Ideating against new, undeveloped alcohol & spirits territories that exist between categories in order to identify new ways areas of opportunity for future innovations directed towards underserved target groups who may be leading the category in the near future.