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Holiday Campaigns I’m Loving Part 2

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Magical Whimsy is nice but consumers, especially American consumers, tend to be practical, cynical realists when it comes to buying into the ads that are vying for their attention. We prefer things that get straight to the point without the fluff.

However, real life can be awkward, messy and sometimes a little too “real” for some of us which is exactly what connects us as human beings. Thankfully an onslaught of holiday campaigns have given us just what we never knew we needed: a sobering, but hilarious look into what really happens behind our most commercialized holiday season.

Someone pour the wine!


HOLIDAY SPICE- FUNNY & INAPPROPRIATELY REAL Sex & intimate situations are not common themes associated with the holidays which is makes these ads by Folgers & Lions Den stand out in hilarious ways.

Given the current cultural conversation around sex positivity, equality for sex workers and normalization of the period, I wouldn’t be surprised if traditionally taboo subjects like sex, or sexual pleasure become more commonly referenced by non-sexual health brands in the near future.

Lion’s Den- Holiday Joy Ride This aptly named “holiday joy ride” ad by Lion’s Den features a stress relieving in-car experience from a woman who very clearly could use the um, “relief”. The “Life” by Lion’s Den Campaign is centered on “redefining everyday experiences and turning ordinary life moments into a great chance for human connection, and sexual fun” and features a number of sex-positive ads of women experiencing the joy of sex in just about every occasion.

Folgers- The Visit

Bonding with family members, especially your in-laws can sometimes be a difficult journey. This hilarious ad shows the sometimes awkward mishaps that can occur when family members come to visit for the holidays.



Many times, the situations we sometimes find ourselves in during the holidays are unpredictable and uncharted territory. For the sake of “holiday cheer” many of us choose to simply grin and bear it, but that doesn’t make it any easier to digest.

Bombas- Holidays

Bombas uses it’s famous slogan for being the world’s most comfortable socks as the key for keeping awkward holiday moments “comfortable”.

Rakuten- The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Yarn

No one likes needless gifts but that doesn’t stop the globe trotting, tech savvy grandma of this Rakuten ad from gifting her family members handmade gifts so that she can reap the benefits of her cashback rewards for, well, herself.



Sometimes it’s just easier to have someone else say it for you.

Whether it’s about calling out situations you hope to avoid, like Steel Reserve’s Ally Series of cans, or if it’s instead about arranging guests based on their most known, but not necessarily most beloved, attributes like Honey Baked Ham Company’s Friendsgiving ad. Sometimes it’s necessary to talk about the elephant in the room.

Steel Reserve Ally Series: Holiday Cans

Honey Baked Ham Company

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